Someone has put in a tremendous amount of time and effort planning and executing a thoughtful baby shower for you. You have loved every moment of it, and now it’s time for you to acknowledge that effort with a perfect gift for baby shower host.


Of course, if the party is a surprise, then you can’t possibly be ready with a return gift for shower hostess; however, it is an extremely thoughtful gesture. So, it is time to look at some of them and find the perfect baby shower hostess gift idea to express your gratitude.



Popular Baby Shower Host Gift Ideas

Throwing a successful baby shower is no simple feat. Apart from planning and organizing, getting everyone you adore under the same roof and on the same day can prove to be a tedious task. Therefore, the hostess deserves a thank you and even a thoughtful gift for her efforts. It can be something as small as a little thank you note kept on the table or an elaborate lunch treat that you pick up the tab for. There are a number of baby shower hostess gift ideas that can be perfect for anyone. We have listed out some of these below,


  • Gift Certificates – Gift certificates are flexible and allow the recipient to enjoy them as they please. While it might be the most convenient baby shower hostess gift, it is certainly not the most thoughtful one.
  • Candle – Fragrant candles make a perfect gift for absolutely any occasion. And, they work like a charm as thank you gifts for shower hostess as well. Don’t complicate the matter; just select the scent that appeals to your senses.
  • Plant – If you are thinking of a plant, then go with orchids. They symbolize thoughtfulness, beauty, and care. A plant is a long-lasting present and one of the best baby shower hostess gifts that are available in the market today.
  • Book – Reading is certainly an intimate experience. And a good story has the potential of transforming you into an entirely different world. This is one of the reasons why books top the list of thoughtful and personal presents when it comes to baby shower host gift ideas. 

  • Wine – Present a bottle of your favorite wine along with personalized wine glasses to make it a perfect set. If you think wine may not do the trick, then check out DIY hampers for making your own Sangria, or a book on making cocktails bundled with a set of cocktail glasses and tools.
  • Gift Basket – Gift baskets work best if you are unsure of your baby shower host’s likes and dislikes. You can fill the basket with products that you like and then include some that are popular and trendy. In this way, you would have covered most ground, and your hostess is bound to end up receiving something awesome.
  • Bath Bombs – even if you don’t know how to host a baby shower, you can imagine how tiring the process can be. Gifting an elegant set of bath bombs can be highly appreciated by your host. The bath bomb kit can help them relax and feel refreshed after a tiresome day. You can add a beautiful set of bath towels or a body scrub to make it more personal.

  • Chocolate box – Chocolates are indeed the sweetest thank you gifts for shower hostess. Chocolates come in a variety of flavors and packaging making them a universal gesture of love and appreciation.
  • Event or Movie Tickets – If you have more than one friend planning your party, then you can present them with tickets to a movie or a popular play. If possible, you can join them and have an all-girls night before the baby comes.
  • Decorative Piece – If you know that your baby shower hostess appreciates beautiful and unique showpieces, then you can gift them one. It will not only show your good taste but also convey the effort that went into selecting the perfect gift for your friend.
  • Coffee Hampers – For a coffee lover, there is nothing more perfect than the gift of a coffee hamper. It can include gourmet products and keepsake coffee mugs, to begin with. 
  • Jewelry – A dainty bracelet or a necklace can be an eternal gift for your baby shower hostess. It is an extremely personal item, so keep in mind their choice and preference before selecting one. 


  • Beauty Products – Once again, be careful about selecting the beauty product that your hostess prefers. Otherwise, your entire effort will go to waste, and only the thought behind the gift will be appreciated. However, you can gift generic things like manicure gift sets. They are simple and practical.
  • Kitchen Towels – Personalized kitchen towels have gained popularity in the last few years, and if your hostess likes entertaining often, then these can be a very relevant present. 
  • Throw Blankets – Throw blankets make thoughtful gifts for friends and family alike. It is one thing you can never have enough of. 
  • Beach Hamper – Just throw in a few essentials like a beach towel, cute pair of flip flops, sunscreen, and a sun visor in a beach tote bag and have the perfect thank you gift for your hostess ready in no time.
  • Lotions & Perfumes – Mix 2 or 3 fragrances, and you can transform a boring lotion into a thoughtful gift complete with a corresponding perfume and tied with a dashing bow. 
  • Flowers – Nothing says ‘thank you’ better than flowers. However, be mindful to include a handwritten thank you card to complete the gesture.

  • Pasta Basket – Move out of your comfort zone and experiment a little. Design a pasta hamper, including a stylish colander and a traditional pasta recipe. Include a tasty sauce and an assortment of cheese with a bottle of wine.
  • A Spa – If you really want to go all out and spend well on a thank you gift for your baby shower hostess, the day at a spa is the perfect present to select from. It is calming and thoughtful at the same time. There is no dearth of spa services available, but if you are gifting one, then make sure that it is the best in class. 
  • Stationary – Stationary, or rather personalize stationary, is an excellent thank you gift idea for your baby shower hostess. It will be a unique and constant reminder of the wonderful memories created at the event. 

There is nothing appropriate or inappropriate about a thank you gift, as it is the thought that counts. So, don’t stress yourself over what kind of gift you want to present to your baby shower hostess. Irrespective of whether you want to buy a baby shower hostess gift or not, remember to thank them in person.

A thoughtful handwritten note will mean far more than anything else, making it the top-most gift for baby shower host. The entire concept behind baby shower hostess gifts ritual is to find a way to say thank you.And while you might shower your hostess with presents, nothing beats a personal gesture. You can include what you liked the most about the baby shower and how much it means to you. There is a possibility that your friends did not know how to host a baby shower, and this was probably the first time that they were doing it. Just remember to bring something for each one of them and make sure that you thank them in person. Friends and family give our life meaning and reciprocating that via simple and thoughtful gestures can mean a lot to them. We have given you enough and more options to get started with. You are sure to find the perfect thank you gift for your hostess among one of them.