Coffee is the lifeblood for most of us, burning the midnight oil or doing early morning chores. Nothing comes close to a strong cup coffee to keep us alive and kicking even in the laziest of times. However, a few regular, or occasional fancy coffee drinks, can drain your salary faster by the cup. So, if you are suffering from coffee-budget mismanagement, then it is time to discover the cheapest way to make coffee.

The cheapest way to make coffee is with your two hands. All you need to do is open your laptop and search for an easy coffee recipe. It will not only have a calming effect on your budget, but home cooking will save you a trip to the café as well. Although, don’t expect yourself to produce fancy coffee drinks from day one itself. Begin with an easy coffee recipe that requires good coffee, an electric kettle, and a good froth maker. You can incorporate more coffee tools as you go along. 

Popular Coffee Tools

Considered as the cornerstone of the coffee world, espresso is a much-needed drink for the workaholic in us. If you just can’t begin your day without it, then investing in an espresso machine might be a good idea. It will be cheaper in the long run, and you will never have to begin your day without your favorite coffee. You just require 3 coffee tools to get the best coffee right in the comforts of your pad. 

  • Number 1, the grinder. There is no denying that freshly ground coffee is way better than the store-bought variant. However, don’t go overboard and buy a fancy one. Stick with a sensible basic option since you are just testing waters.
  • Number 2, the tamper. Never make coffee with a plastic tamper. While it will give you the coffee, but not the coffee that you are after. 
  • Number 3, the machine. This is where it all comes together. It is one investment that you are highly unlikely to regret. Do your research before you buy. There are numerous good options available in the market today.


There is good news for the non-Espresso fans. All you need is a sturdy brewer and a kettle. If you believe that the best coffee to drink is black, then with these two coffee tools, you can produce one in a matter of minutes. 

How To Make Strong Coffee At Home?

It all starts with the basic ingredient, Coffee. Shop around and look for that perfect blend that suits your taste buds and gets you the kick that you are after. Once you have the coffee and you have decided on the type you want to make, invest in the corresponding tools. All that you now need is a reliable, strong coffee recipe. Well, if you are connected to the internet, then it is no trouble at all. Google will provide you with more than enough recipes to pick and choose from. 

However, if you are still not satisfied with the strength of your coffee, then you can make it stronger in the following three ways,

  • Modify your water-to-grounds ration.
  • Change how you brew your coffee.
  • Select a darker coffee roast variety.

It is very important to select the right roast and mix the right quantities of each ingredient; otherwise, your coffee will taste bitter rather than tasting stronger. A stronger coffee cup need not be high in caffeine if made correctly. Now that you know how to make a strong cup of coffee at home, maybe it is time to begin a new morning ritual and save some money in the process.