Can’t decide between your sister and your best friend? You can make them both happy by declaring them as two maids of honor for your special day. So, can you really have two maids of honor? Yes, you can. But how? It’s quite simple. All that you have to do is convey a clear split of the duties that accompany this cherished nuptial tradition between the 2 maids of honor. Yes, it is not traditional, but it is acceptable.

Understandably, there are bound to be some issues since you are moving away from the norm. For instance, what would be the order? Who will stand next to the bride? These logistical issues can be easily overcome with some efficient planning and robust teamwork. They will seem like little hurdles if you can make the two most important women in your life happy at your wedding. 

The Decision Making Process

To begin with, don’t select anyone out of obligation. Your 2 maids of honor should deserve to stand next to you in the ceremony. Picture the big day to envision how your selection will look. Distance also plays a major role while selecting a maid of honor. Make sure at least one of your two maids stay close to you. 

Getting Along

There is absolutely nothing to worry about if your two maids of honor are getting along famously. This could be an exception, not the norm. Since each woman will have her strengths and weaknesses, there is bound to be some discord. Being the common link, you must find things for them to connect over. The sooner they become familiar and comfortable around each other, the better it will be for the wedding planning process. 

Responsibility Demarcation

Now that everyone’s getting along, it is time to segregate duties and responsibilities. Be clear about what you expect from them and let the two maids of honor decide how they want to execute the tasks. Make sure that all three of you are aware of each other’s roles. This way, you can share the workload and avoid any confusion. Remember to equally distribute the co maid of honor privileges. For example, have them deliver back-to-back speeches, so neither feels neglected. 

Do You Need Bridesmaids?

Actually, no. With two maids of honor, a single bridesmaid can seem out of place. Plus, adding any more to the bridal party will crowd the alter. The best option is to omit the bridesmaid altogether. However, if you really want to hold on to this tradition, then make sure you have at least 2 bridesmaids to balance the two maids of honor.

Now that you know whether you can have two maids of honor or not, it is time to let the happy ladies know so that they can begin planning the most precious day of your life. Although it is relatively new, the co maid of honor concept is likely to become a popular tradition. It is the perfect way in which a bride can get the much-required emotional comfort and support during the wedding planning and execution stages.