Healthy fasting is becoming very popular these days around the world. It gives very health benefits, such as regulates blood pressure, treats diabetes, balances cholesterol and helps generate new cells. Also, if you do fasting one day per week it helps to lose weight. It is naturally slim principles. Where to start? Have a look at orange juice and water diet. 

Oranges are an extremely healthy source of many vitamins and minerals. Perhaps it is easier to list which vitamins and minerals are not part of this fruit. Among other nutrients, phenols and carotenoids should be noted as well as antioxidant properties.

Vitamin C is a powerful tool to neutralize free radicals that cause many serious diseases, including cardiological and oncological. Ascorbic-rich oranges can destroy infection of the body. In addition, they increase the ability to resist viruses and infections. For this reason, citrus fruits are the best prevention and protection against flu and cold during the autumn-winter seasons.

How does it work?

It is reset your body and stops your food addiction really efficiently. Nutritional dependence is a strong majority problem in modern society. You can not pay attention to it while it is weakly expressed, but if you think about how much in a day we really wanted to eat and needed it, and how much we ate simply because we saw “for the company”, I wanted because of the smell in the cafe and etc.

The need for food consumption during food dependence is expressed not by the physiological feeling of hunger or thirst, but only by our psychological impulse. Food-addictive foods include fast food, salt, sugar, dairy products, cheese, fried, fatty and various chemical additives. If you want to improve your health, feel more alert and get more energy, orange juice fasting is for you. Drinking orange juice is an easy way to cleanse the body; it has great advantages over other methods:


  • a lot of energy appears;
  • unlimited consumption;
  • inflammatory processes in organs, especially the digestive system
  • regulates the level of acidity;
  • relieves the symptoms of colds;
  • cleanses the body of mucus, toxins;
  • removes depressive states;
  • contributes to weight loss;
  • increases regeneration and body defenses saturate with vitamins ( including a healthy dose of vitamin C)  and minerals.

What do you require? Just fresh Oranges and water, and you will male your own H2orange juice.

From the beginning mix 1 liter of orange juice with 1.5 -2 liters of water.  When you feel you can drink more concentrated orange juice, then you can make 1 liter of juice with 1 liter of water. Drink your homemade orange all day. Important- use fresh oranges and squeeze them, do not drink concentrate or juice from the shop. You need fresh minerals and vitamins, that is the only way your body will perform.

Start with one-day fasting per week, you can choose a particular day, for example, it is could be Monday, after weekends, when you usually eating a lot, or you can try various days. Some people do 3 days of fasting from time to time, and find it not difficult.

Additional benefits of naturally slim orange juice:

  • Much better skin, because the far better your digestion system is working, the much better skin and health you’re going to have.
  • Really feeling lighter as well as more energized.
  • Weight reduction. From the beginning, it’s just a water weight reduction, however, it’s still inspiring to see those numbers dropping. Bur if you do regularly, and add a more everyday activity such as morning run, power working, fitness cardio or Zumba you will see your body is changing.

But the most outstanding post-fasting sensation you can have is that of re-discovering usual foods.  A lot of people discovered that what healthy foods they didn’t appreciate before have actually become their # 1 snack selection! It does not mean you can’t eat anything you liked before, it is mean you can change the habit of eating fast food burgers and eat nice burgers an excellent restaurant instead.


Note. Before start, please, check your allergy to oranges and ask for some advice on your nutritionist if you have.