House wedding party, a Southern tradition, is becoming popular with brides who struggle to incorporate disgruntled friends and family into the wedding. Whether you are going for a grand gala affair or a small intimate gathering, every wedding party requires a substantial amount of planning and organization. A wedding house party, replete with enough wedding party members, can be the key to bliss and happiness on your most special day. 


Wedding house parties are fast becoming the norm as they allow you to look beyond your bridesmaids for help. Weddings are joyous occasions that everyone wants to be a part of. And a house party at your wedding allows you to extend your wedding party members’ list to include ushers and house party attendants keeping everyone occupied and happy.

Wedding Party Members


Usually, wedding party names include friends or relatives of the bride who act as bridesmaids, ushers, attendants, etc. In this way, you can include old childhood friends or cousins at the wedding ceremony and make them feel special. So, extend your list of wedding party names to keep everyone happy without overcrowding the alter. Similar to bridesmaids, the house party members can help out in organizing pre-wedding events like the bridal shower, wedding day pictures, Party before the wedding for the bride, managing the guest book, etc.




Likewise, ushers also form an essential component of the wedding entourage. They can help greet and seat your guests on your behalf. An usher for every 50 guests can ensure everything moves like clockwork. Like the personal attendant dresses, the outfits of ushers should match with the rest of the wedding party. It is always a good idea to include the respective wedding party members in the Party before the wedding for the bride or the groom. After all, the more, the merrier!

House Wedding Party Attire

So, what to wear to a house party? As a house party member, you can wear the dress of your choosing provided that it is similar to the wedding color scheme.


What to wear to a house party is entirely your decision so long as it blends in with the color scheme. For instance, if the theme is burgundy and pink, then personal attendant dresses can be in shades of either color. 

When Should You Include or Exclude A House Party 

A wedding house party can be a picture-perfect decision for couples who want to share their memorable day with extended wedding party members. Of course, a wedding with a guest list under 100 guests does not justify including a house party. It will look ridiculous to have 50 percent of your guests as wedding party members.


However, if you have a big family and you want to keep everyone happy, then a house party at your wedding can work like a charm. Even though the house party does not participate directly in the wedding ceremony like the bridesmaids, the party members are seated closer to the action and can perform group toasts at the reception. Therefore, wedding house parties are best suited for larger gatherings.