When to have a baby shower? If you are expecting a baby in summer or early autumn, then it’s time to think to throw a baby shower. It’s the most wonderful time, so you can organize parties outside, outdoor baby shower. You can choose whatever you like, it can be a park, or garden or the terrace of a summer cafe. Everything about your choice. There is enjoyment and power airborne throughout the summertime that isn’t felt at any other time of the year. And also when you throw a summertime infant shower party style, that same summer power & enjoyable will be really felt by every person you welcome to the event.

Just imagine, for a moment, that you get a child shower party invite in the mail and also it claims, “It’s a Summertime Baby shower Celebration! Join us for an afternoon outdoors to commemorate Samanta’s Smith’s future baby woman!” When you read this welcome, what photos enter your mind? An attractive, bright day. Sunlight on your skin. Everybody in T-shots & shorts. A great breeze on your face. Ice cold lemonade. Delicious summer season food. A child shower does not obtain any kind of much better than that!

If you consider any of those images, after that you would definitely concur that a summertime baby shower is the embodiment of an excellent event and a wonderful means to celebrate a brand-new little life.

How to Throw a Fun & Festive Summer Baby Shower Theme. If you are intending on throwing a successful baby shower event this summer, then follow this summertime baby shower ideas:

  • You can use any child shower event style, however, you do not require one. Outdoor baby shower  “Summer” can be your motif and that provides you a lot of versatility with the colors, decorations, food, games, and favors. And think about your baby shower planning check list.
  • Your shades ought to be bright, primary colors (no pastels). Mixes of brilliant shades are fantastic, like reds & yellows, blues & yellows, raspberry pink & green, purple & eco-friendly, purple & yellow, or Americana (red, white & blue). Your shades will certainly be all over, starting with the invites, then on to the designs and favors.

  • Your invites can be easy, or elaborate – no matter. Just make certain to use your chosen colors. You could make an easy & simple summertime infant shower celebration invitation by matting one color of paper on top of a different shade of paper. After that mount a piece of skin or white paper on top of all of it, where you can compose or print the child shower details. You can tie a ribbon or bow on the invitation (or paper punch 2 holes in the top of the invite and also loop the ribbon via). These are inexpensive but very charming.
  • Your summer baby shower menu could include:

BBQ anything



Baked beans


Cornbread & honey butter


Baked potatoes (you can do a potato bar)

Corn on the cob.

Vegetable plate with dip.


Homemade ice-cream

Baby shower appetizers ( you can have some ideas from here)



  • When do you have a baby shower you just think about some nice small touches. Your guests will like aromatic or buy summer fragrances, like sunflower, watermelon, strawberry, etc. Or you could purchase little bottles of scented cream. There are summertime scents like pina colada, pomegranate, melon, cucumber & melon, mango, sweet pea and so on. Or you could additionally get a sunflower bread mix for every guest (or acquire prefabricated loaves of sunflower bread at a bakeshop). This is a tasty & useful baby shower favor that each guest would enjoy!
  • Baby shower event motif decors need to match your style shades. The standard event decorations are inexpensive and also always fun – such as banner, confetti, as well as balloons. You can acquire a fresh bouquet of summer season blossoms to clothe points up and also to provide your party a centerpiece. You can also decorate a summer baby shower theme with summertime style such as ladybugs, frogs, watermelon, sunflowers, sunglasses, etc.

  • Sumertime baby shower party games: The skies are the limit with outdoor infant shower video games! You might establish a race track where the guests must race baby strollers with a doll in the stroller and also if the child gets knocked out during the race, after that the racer is invalidated. The visitor with the fastest time is the winner! Or you could split up in teams of two and blindfold one guest on each team. Then the other colleague must feed the blindfolded visitor a bowl of pudding or jello. The team that consumes one of the most desserts in 1 or 2 minutes wins! You may want to give each guest a trash can to put on over their garments since this can obtain quite unpleasant! Think about baby shower songs.
  • Enjoy the climate. If it rainfalls or is cold/windy, make certain to have a back-up plan with someplace where you can move indoors.

There is just something magical as well as fun regarding an outside event. So, no matter which of these concepts you pick, your outdoor summer season baby shower celebration theme is virtually a guaranteed enjoyable time for every person. As well as it is one that your guests will certainly not soon forget!