Can age-old wisdom reduce your costs on home cleaning products? In some cases, yes. Some tried and tested cleaning hacks that have been passed down from one generation to another are still just as applicable as they were a few decades back. For instance, cleaning windows with newspaper. Most of us have forgotten this method as using a rag and soapy water to clean the entire house is not just convenient but time-consuming as well. However, soap, water, and a rag will never give you that squeaky clean shine that comes with a newspaper. Long before the glass cleaning liquids became popular and affordable, windows were getting cleaned with a crumpled old newspaper and a dash of vinegar. Let us explore the effectiveness of this method.

How To Clean Cloudy Glass Windows With Newspaper?

While they might have lost their uses to the digital media, newspapers we a necessity not very long ago. Nearly every household had them delivered to their doorstep, and when they were read, the quintessential newspaper had its uses. So, if you want to know how to clean cloudy glass windows with newspaper, then your parents and grandparents are the best people to ask.

All that you need to get your windows sparkling clean is newspaper and vinegar. You can use a glass cleaner as well. Just spray a little on the surface and use the newspaper to dry it off by rubbing the glass in a circular motion. Next, you might want to know, ‘how to clean glass table?’ Well, in the exact same manner with the same cleaning liquid and a fresh newspaper.

The glass cleaning liquid will wet the dry surface and also loosen the dirt. The newspaper then wipes it off, and a few horizontal and vertical motions can ensure that there are no more marks or streaks left on the window glass. That’s it! Cleaning glass windows with the newspaper is a piece of cake. Well, actually, it is not. The process can take a while to cover all windows in your home and tire you out. So, what are the alternative options?

A Squeegee

A squeegee is a small stick with a dull blade that is perfect for washing and removing the dirt from the window. However, it doesn’t work well on its own. You have to wipe the surface with a dry rag after every stroke of the squeegee to make sure that there aren’t any streaks or marks. Also, with a squeegee, the end result is dependent on the cleaning liquid that you are using and how dirty the surface is. 

The art of cleaning glass windows with newspapers was lost somewhere in between the delivery of news over digital media and the introduction of paper towels. Being an essential kitchen item, paper towels are always available in our kitchens. However, they cost more than the newspaper, and it may seem like a wastage of resources in comparison to a rag or a squeegee. All in all, newspapers are still the best bet to derive that shine out of your glass window, glass table, or any other glass surface. Let us look at some of the advantages of this cleaning and wiping product.

Why Should You Use Newspaper to Clean Glass Windows?

For starters, newspapers are cost-effective. Using paper towels can cost you a lot, especially if you have a number of windows in the house. On the other hand, using cloth can multiply your laundry load. Considering these two scenarios, newspapers are your best bet for cleaning glass windows and tables. The ink and the paper are the perfect abrasive for your dirty glass surfaces. 

While windows might not be the first places to get dirty, they sure are a surface where dirt or stains will become instantly visible. Therefore, with the amount of regular cleaning that these areas require, newspapers are also an economical option. Apart from this, newspapers are disposable, so you don’t have to worry about increasing your laundry load or dealing with dirty rags. Further, a newspaper is a natural product that is environment-friendly and can be recycled. By using them to clean your glass windows, you are definitely not increasing your contribution towards the landfill. The only downside is the ink that tends to stain your hands. A wet newspaper can become quite messy and leave you with ink on your hands. However, it is this very ink that makes a newspaper one of the best glass cleaning tools.

Now that you know the answers to questions like and ‘how to clean glass table?’ or ‘how to clean cloudy glass windows?’ with a newspaper around the house, you will never have a window that can’t be cleaned at a moment’s notice. The good news is that you can clean any mirror surface as well with this method.