We all love parties, but when it comes to birthday, we always have a question, what to wear?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your birthday or you go to your best friend’s, it’s not easy to decide. If you are a birthday girl, then you certainly should be in the spotlight and shine in an impeccable way, but if you are invited guests at the birthday party, then attracting excessive attention to yourself will not be tactful. So, let’s analyze two main options. Of course, you want to be beautiful and inimitable on your birthday, so you need to choose the appropriate clothes.

Consider a few basic options:

The dress is a simple way in the most difficult situations. It is in the dress that the woman looks like a real Woman, luxurious and stylish. Of course, there are a great many styles and types of dresses, you need to choose one that firstly fits perfectly on you.

In addition, you need to choose a dress that would suit the style of the evening, if you are going to celebrate your birthday in a cafe or restaurant, then you can give preference to a long dress, but if you are going to celebrate at home, it is better to choose something more a short.

For those who consider the dress too banal of options – it will be ideal to arrange a  in any particular style (retro, Hawaii, sports, etc.) Any abstract options will immediately disappear here because everyone will have to dress in a certain style.

What to wear for a friend’s birthday

Here the task is a little more complicated. Choose appropriate clothing that isn’t too flashy or sexy. Remember, the party isn’t about you and how good you look, it’s about the person whose birthday it is!

First, you need to decide how close this person is to you. If you go to your loved one’s birthday, then you must match each other’s style, not stand out, but harmonize. If you are going to celebrate simply to a friend or girlfriend, then there are several basic options, but again everything will depend on the style of the evening, venue and time of year.

You can consider 3 options:

Comfy style. It is ideal for those who do not want to stand out, but at the same time want to look appropriate and attractive. You can wear jeans with a beautiful original top-blouse, complement the look with suitable accessories and sandals or high-heeled shoes (beautiful ballet shoes are also suitable for active girls). Or you can wear beautiful classic trousers, you can slightly shorten or narrowed them (it all depends on the type of your figure). A light top shirt is perfect for trousers.

Feminine image. You can safely record dresses here. However, you should not choose too frank options. A lightweight, non-constraining cut will be a great option.


Casual style. A bit businesslike, youthful and unremarkable. To add a holiday to the image, jewelry and accessories will help. Polo shirt with jeans. Jeans and T-shirts work great for both men and women.

When it is about birthday parties, it is best to choose your accessories right. Whether it is a day time event or a night time party, a pair of ear studs, a delicate pendant, a simple bracelet or watch is always a go-to for girls and this combination can actually look great with any outfit. Just make sure to keep your accessories complimentary with your outfit.

Always dress according to the location and time of the party and take a nice, positive mood with you!