It is always very good to have easy and quick recipes. Especially when there is no time and you don’t want to run to the local store.But if you look on your shelves, you will find everything that is necessary to prepare a delicious dish. So if you are waiting for guests and you have little time, then you found what you were looking for. It will be a good help even if you are organizing a party because this dessert can be prepared in advance and put in the freezer. As soon as the guests arrived you can easily surprise them. It is light and fresh and contains just 4 components!

Can you believe? It was my friend who gave me this recipe and probably I looked a bit skeptical because I did not make anything before with particle this milk. All that I cooked before, using light whipping cream, and here we need whipped evaporated milk, but she said just try it and tell me after all. To save your time I’ll tell you about some little secrets, how to make it more practical and organize. My friend gave good advice on how to whipping evaporated milk to get expected results. The first to cool the dish first, the blending pats as well as the evaporated milk for half an hour in the freezer. Following this advice, I reached exactly what I wanted. Follow these steps and you will make an amazing dessert!

Fist of all you need all four ingredients:

1 Can vaporized milk, cooled

3/4 Mug sugar

3 TB  juice of a lemon

12 crackers/biscuit/cookie

And grated skin of 1 lemon

Start with making a cream, it needs time to be set.

If you don’t know how to whip evaporated milk, just follow this.

The first thing you need to do is to add your milk into your blending cooled dish. Put in the mixer bits into milk ( don’t ignore this, trust me) and leave all of this in the freezer for half an hour. Don’t take it out of the freezer earlier. It will not be ready yet. Be sure, it must stay there a half-hour at the list.

Time to squash crackers without making a mess. While your cream is cooling out in a freezer, take the next step. Take 12 biscuits and put them into a simple plastic bag. Using something a heavy object, strike the biscuits until they are crumbs. This is a fantastic step for children! You can set them to help you. This is not how to crush biscuits without making a mess, this is how you make your children happy)) As soon as half an hour has passed, place the cooled substation into your mixer and mix for about 3– 4 minutes or until the milk has settled. You’re searching for the uniformity of thick dissolved ice cream. Gradually include the sugar, then lemon juice or you can use frozen lemon, add grated lemon skin and mix till heavy thick.

Add cream in the desert. Splash an  8 × 8 or 9 × 9 frying pan food preparation spray. Place half of the biscuit crumbs on the bottom of the frying pan. Layout the cream on the bottom of your dish. Include all crumbs left on top. Put something to cover it,  wrap for example with a clingfilm. And leave it to freeze! When it is ready just call your friends for a cup of tea.

If you want to surprise your friends more or you have some special day, you can make this dessert in portions. This recipe is very simple as soon as you’ve understood how to whip evaporated milk. It’s a really low-cost dessert too, and NO oven is involved! And your guests will love it!