Going to have a baby shower? Fantastic! But you don’t have any ideas about what to cook and how to serve.

Among our favored infant shower food suggestions is to serve a range of finger foods. Because serving delicious finger foods can be low-cost, absolutely low-stress, and a wonderful conversation starter. By doing this, visitors do not need to worry about just how they’re eating instead of it they focus on interacting, playing games and seeing the soon-to-be mama open up adorably pint-sized gifts. Need some inspiration? From appetizers to main dish finger foods and delightful treats, we have actually got you covered with lots of yummy, very easy baby shower food concepts.

It doesn’t matter that baby girl shower or baby boy shower. Here are some ideas for baby shower foods:


Charcuterie Platter. You can mix such classic components for your
country (region) and something exotic.
Soft meat (say Italian prosciutto).
Spicy smoked sausages (chorizo, salami).
Lard or brisket (smoked or salted).
Thick baked or smoked meat (chicken breast, loin).
Pate, soft pastes are served in a jar, with a knife and a cut baguette.
Different types of cheese, olives.

Easy, Sweet & Tangy Meatballs.
This is a 3 ingredient recipe because
you get a lot of help with premade
ingredients .
Sweet Potato Bites
Give your baby shower appetizers
a healthy upgrade with these
sweet potato bites
Ham And Cheese Rollups
This one is a crowd stopper,
and not much effort needed
to make these little babies
Veggies & Dip Cups
It cannot get much easier
than veggies and dips. In fact,
you could buy cut vegetables
from the store or cut them yourself.
Pepperoni Pizza Bombs .
What’s a party without pizza?
Here it has come up with the perfect way
to turn pizza into shower-worthy finger
foods with her pepperoni cheese bombs.
Delicious, easy and attractive, these are
an obvious choice when it comes t
o baby shower food ideas.
Bites Grape Jelly Meatballs
This is a super easy,
4 ingredient recipe that you
prepare in the slow cooker
Cheesy Bacon Jalapeno Peppers
This is a spicy but delicious one
and oh-so-popular.
Baby Shower Veggie Tray
This is very easy to prepare,
just cut up your vegetables and
add the dips of your choice
Yum and easy.
Buffalo Chicken Diр
This dip is really popular, really decadent
and easy to make. Pop it next to a big
bowl of corn chips and your
guests can serve themselves
Easy Caprese Salad Skewers
Super easy to prepare, and
a great option for vegetarians
and others with dietary restrictions.
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