If you haven’t made this wonderful fresh fruit cake yet, then it’s time to cook it. Especially if yours or your loved one’s birthday coming very soon it is time to think about it.


Why is this one?

Because this cake with fruit it is simple, taste and classic. You can’t go wrong with this sponge cake. Birthday cake made of fruit. What can be better?

If you think it is a bit old fashion, you are wrong.

It is classic with all favorite flavors with go along all these years that make it unforgettable.

This is an easy cake sponge recipe good for any party as a party cake or for birthdays as a happy birthday fruit cake.

Moist sponge with fresh cream and fresh fruit on top is perfect for summer cakes ideas. If you are going to throw any party in Summer it is your must go!


You can find a lot of fresh fruit cake recipes, but this birthday cake made of fruit is the best, that will quickly become your go-to option for any event, just follow the instruction below.

 Prep time 20 mins

Cooking time 25 mins

Total of 45 mins

All you need:


For fruit birthday cake:

1 cup of sugar

175 gr soften butter, 4 eggs

1 cup plain flour, 2 tsp baking powder/soda

1 tsp vanilla extract, 3 tbsp milk

For cream:

1,5 cups heavy whipping cream/ double cream

6 tbsp powdered sugar

1 tsp vanilla ext

1 tbsp skimmed milk powder

3 cups mixed fruits you like


To start with, preheat the oven to 350’F (170’C)

Then in a blender mix the butter and sugar until it is soft and creamy. Add all remaining components and finish blend.

Split this creamy butter between two 8 inch round pans. But line the pans with good quality baking paper and grease well. Bake for 25 minutes, test with a special cake tester, and when it’s come out clean it is ready.

Leave it to cool for 15 mins at least, then remove from the pan.


While the cake is cooking in the oven, time to make our cream.

Take all components into blender or food mixer and whip it until ready, it is must be thick. and does not collapse when you run a spoon.

Put one bit of vanilla cream sponge cake on a plate and cover with half of the cream, them put another part and cover with remaining cream.


Now it is the best part! Fruit cake decoration.

Take all the fruits you like and decorate with all your fantasy.

Cake with fruit on top is ready!

Your guests will love it!