Are you planning a surprise party? It does not matter who you are doing for all the ideas for surprise birthday party for best friend or your relatives, the steps will be the same!

This is definitely a great idea and here you’ve got surprise birthday party ideas. But to begin with, think do they like or dislike to be the center of attention? Do they like parties at all? And finally, be sure this person likes surprises. There are many people who do not like parties with loads of people, they will suffer more than having fun. When all possibilities are considered, and you are sure, it is going to be a nice surprise you can start preparing a party.

Of course, preparing a surprise party is different from preparing a regular party. Everything should be kept secret including family members and friends who need to be sworn to secrecy. The all details, menu, and entertainment should be made without the participation birthday person. Never mind all these worries, just follow below and in the end, you will be rewarded.

10 steps when you are planning a surprise party

1st stepwho is your guest/ surprise?

Do they have special preferences? If possible, find more information about the person, what he/she loves, what hobbies do, what their favorite food. What’s kind of personality do they have? Ask about it their relatives and friends I am sure they would like to help you.

Also, try to think about their hobbies that can be useful to add a party theme and make sure it is not expensive, on your budget and it’s easy to do.

If they like sports such as basketball or football it’s easier for you and they will more appreciative than you will invite a cabaret to empress all the guests.

From the beginning you can agree with your friends they will make fake activities on the party day, to turn attention from the birthday boy/girl the other way.


Step N2 – select the time and date


Pick the day, that will suitable for most of the guests, and plan to set the party in the week on their birthday, a couple of days before or later. But not to on a week advance or so. Before you are going to book this day try to find out what your birthday boy/girl is planning on their birthday. You don’t want to be in a situation when they have already planned everything and going to leave for a few days. Be proactive! Once you’ve booked on the party date, you won’t waste anything else, because the date can’t be changed.

Step N3 – the venue decision

Ideally, the place should be easily accessible, not far from your location, fit the needs and, if possible, without other people. So, you’ve got now a question where can you hold an event?

  • Ask the circle of your friends can they to provide their home. How are you going to lure your gest there you will think later.
  • it’s a very good idea outside, especially if it’s summer and autumn and it’s warm outside. Outdoors is always good for a change, but has a back-up plan in case if the weather going to be changed.
  • Book some private room in any cafe or restaurant, but this room must be functional. You can use the facilities they might provide, can supply light food or sneck as well as beer or spirits. Also, you can ask some of the members of staff to be your helper.
  • Your garden can be a perfect place to throw the party. At the list, you know everything and preparation will be easy for you.

Step N4 –guest invitation

Start with relatives and close friends. You can add to the list of some colleagues if you know for sure they spend a lot of time together. Try to make the party not big, the smaller the guest list, the more likely the secret will not be revealed.


The best way to invite your guests is to send them a message or calling them directly. Also, you can invite them by email asking to reply back. But don’t use the social as Facebook/Twitter because it is always a chance the main guest will find out. You don’t want to spoil it at the last minute. Remind your friends and guests about the big secret. Just mention, that you will be really disappointed with them if they will not keep one. Sometimes it works.

Step N5 – decoration

There is the key to all parties whether it is a surprise party or a normal one. Without it, any party seems a little bit boring. The best theme for the party is to use something based on a hobby your main person. Be creative and inspired by something that is related to your main person.


But if this is not possible, don’t worry. Any decoration you decide will work, such as balloons with name on it or shredded sparkly paper. But try not to use massive decoration it must be easy to pack and move. Ask friends to help you with it. You definitely want to make most of the party and have fun. Make a perfect playlist, that suits everyone. Music will set a mood from the beginning until the end. Play your favorite tracks throughout the party, don’t waste all your biggest tracks at the beginning! 

Step N6 – what are you going to eat and drink


What you choose is only our decision. You can go with any cuisine you like, Chinese takeaway or Spanish tapas thing or you just pick a birthday person favorite. If it too difficult and you are not sure you can’t go wrong with general party food. It is easy to prepare and everybody likes it. Sandwiches ( tuna, chicken, eggs, and mayo)  different kinds of pies. Be sure you have plenty of food and not running out of drinks.

Step N7 – make something memorable for her/him

What can make our friends or relatives so happy? Our attention and good words. Here is an interesting idea to pease them. Make memory cards that can fit in a memory box. Everyone can leave nice words about the birthday person. Can you imagine her/his feelings to find out all kinds of nice thoughts about him/her?  When I see Sarah, I think… or Sarah always gives me…Is it not a happy memory of the day?

Step N8 – guests arriving time

Who must arrive earlier it is you, at list 2 hours before the guest. To finish your decoration,  and to check everything. All your guests should be there about 30 min before the birthday person. Just let them know to park far from the party place, then your main person can’t recognize anything.

Step N9 – how to bring your main guest?

Even if you are not an actor, try to play the role that you just want to stop somewhere

  • If it is a restaurant or bar:  ‘Can we pool over here, they make a delicious cocktail here’’
  • If it’s someone’s house: ‘Can we stop here for a minute? my friend asked me to feed the fish since he is away’
  • Outdoor venue: ‘Let’s go to walk through this park,  such nice weather today’

Step N10 – it is happening… 


All friends should hide somewhere and reveal themselves when the birthday person arrived.


Everything seems going well, let’s smash it!